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Bion in Boston 2009

Boston Park Plaza Hotel - Boston USA
The Bion 2009 in Boston meeting has been scheduled one week prior to the IPA Congress in Chicago, permitting easy access to both events for colleagues from Europe and South America. For those planning to attend both meetings, there is a break of several days between the two conferences to allow for travel.

Bion’s concept of the container/contained continues to be a stimulus for theoretical and clinical elaboration years after it was originally formulated. Bion highlighted the intersubjective nature of the container/contained by stressing that there is an opportunity for reciprocal growth in both participants. In addition, there may be considerable turmoil in the container/contained relationship because of the powerful emotions the pair must manage in order for mutual growth to occur. The Bion 2009 in Boston meeting will explore, and expand upon, our current perspectives on the interplay between the container and contained. The conference will examine growth and turbulence in the container/contained unit as it appears in the analytic relationship, in groups and organizations and in the general culture. The Bion 2009 in Boston meeting will consist of plenary addresses, panel discussions, individual papers and small group discussions of presentations by established international experts on Bion’s work.


The Boston Group for Psychoanalytic Studies, Inc.
The Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis
The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Psychoanalytic Institute of New England East
International Psychoanalytic Association
Conference Planning Group
Lawrence J. Brown, Co-chair Howard B. Levine, Co-chair
Hilary Bracken David Doolittle
David Power Dolan Power
Sharon Roberts Walker Shields
Corresponding Members
Roberto Basile Elizabeth Tabak Bianchedi Francesca Bion
Ron Britton Irene Cairo Arnaldo Chuster
Antonino Ferro James Gooch James Grotstein
Nydia Lisman-Pieczanski Kay McKenzie Robert Oelsner
Thomas Ogden Alberto Pieczanski Paulo Sandler
David Scharff Rogelio Sosnik David Stevens
John Stone Edward Tronick David Tuckett
Jane van Buren Rudi Vermote Heinz Weiss